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Originally Posted by Tennisplayer1234 View Post
Hi guys,

I have been stringing a Prince Exo3 Tour 16X18 with my Prince Neos 1500 machine. I know that when I string with port holes I need to brake my machine so it pulls the string straight. At the start of the crosses the curvature of the frame doesn't allow my to brake the machine and put it into the tension head in a straight line. I end up pulling the string at an angle for the first few holes and I can tell it is putting stress on the string. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong or anything I can do differently?

Thank you!
You do not need to brake the machine until you get to the ported holes. As long as you are pulling through the upper normal grommets you do a normal pull. Once you get to where you are pulling a string exiting an O port the string wants to settle in the top half of the port and it needs to be in the bottom of the port to go down to the next cross. You can then rotate the turntable so the string if forced to the bottom of the port then lock the table.
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