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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Ha ha... youth. Lets see in 15 years. Its usually tendon damage as you age. Repeated wear and tear on knees, back and elbows.
Yes loss of elasticity in the tendons and ligaments with age is what has been proven to cause the drop off in velocity of baseball pitchers. It doesn't matter how strong the muscles are as the energy for throwing a ball (or hitting a tennis ball, etc i would assume) is stored in the connective tissue them released. These tissues get stretched, then released, stretched then released ad infinitum. If one tries that with a rubber band, it becomes obvious that this cant go on forever. It's actually pretty gross if one watches a super slo mo of a pitcher throwing a really becomes evident just how much stress the joints take and how much the connective tissue stretches.

What is amazing though is just how long these tissues will take that sort of abuse.
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