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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
Although Federer is ubiquitous in the tennis world, I've realized I've never once heard a woman say she thought he was attractive. Sometimes women say he's 'stylish', or 'classy', but that is very different from women being attracted to him. It seems Federer can dress up in all the expensive suits he wants, get the best haircut ever, and act as smooth as the next guy, but women won't notice.

Perhaps it's because he behaves too gently/effeminately and women want the bad boy? Or because he has a big knows? Who nose? (That was intentional, btw).

Anyway, the poll is up, so the women of TT can have their say.
HA! Go to his website-the women over there are crazy about him! Personally, I think he's a good-looking man (BTW I'm a woman who has a thing for hairy forearms....)
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