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Originally Posted by dannythomas View Post
I am grateful for the advice you have given but this kind of sarcastic, cheap points scoring comment to presumably either make me out to be some kind of bullying tennis parent forcing their child to play in pain or to make yourself look clever is not necessary .
Throughout this process she has been to see her doctor and her physical therapist who specializes in tennis injuries .She has had treatment on it using the latest equipment several times each week and of course the treatment includes checking out the injury physically " does this hurt, does that hurt ? " . Just to top it up she has had acupuncture on it and now the wrist is not hurting injury prevention and wrist strengthening has begun. She has also been for 2 MRI scans.
With all due respect to the people on here most of who I know mean well I will take the advice of the medical experts as to whether she can play over anyone who has not even seen the injury
Likewise with the technique she has seen more than 1 coach and I have already said the issue has been diagnosed as footwork related rather than stroke related. This makes her late hitting the ball on occasions.
She has as her primary coach someone who is vastly experienced , has worked with countless players from juniors to top 10 pro players and was a highly ranked player himself.
As far as stringing is concerned I was referred last week to someone here in Florida that is a renowned stringer , again having worked for players at all levels.
I came on here asking for racquet and stringing advice. I don't need to be lectured about the medical issues because I have that covered. If my daughter needed 6 months rest if that is what the medical experts had advised , that is what she would be doing right now.
I am not going to name names because of the professional confidentiality issue but if anyone is interested to find out more detail of who and when she has been seeing then please send me a private message.
In the meantime this is just to set the record straight.
you came for racquet advice and we gave it to you, and the whole discussion has turned 360 a dozen times, LIKE I SAID , HIT THE COURTS, SHE IS FINE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are not
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