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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Oh yeah, China has a great military for centuries conquering all parts of the world. Their men and women are now dominating all the slams. Can't wait to apply Chinese war strategies to my Sunday doubles.
Actually, they dominated world trade for centuries while Europeans were still frightened of the thunder gods. (peasants always believe in thunder gods.)

They sent ships all over Africa and Asia to collect rulers and bring them to festivals and events years before Columbus and co.
(amusingly, although aware of the fledgling nations of Europe, the Chinese considered them too primitive to be included)

in the 15th Century, a change of policy caused China to withdraw inwards, forfeiting their domination of the world's oceans..

it's all here, if you're interested.

"27,000 men aboard 317 ships. The most impressive vessels were the treasure ships, built of hardwood, 130 metres long and 50 metres wide; by the side of them, Columbus’s 28-metre long Santa Maria, in which he reached the Americas, would have looked like a dinghy, and he had only three ships and 270 men."

as for tennis, they had more finalists in the most recent grand slam than the USA managed
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