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Had trouble finding much info on what happened from news sources. There's this article:

"Whether Radwanska was referring to political demonstrations from the Israeli crowd in Eilat or differences with the home team after Poland's 2-1 victory over Israel was left unspecified, but there was no mistaking Radwanska's feelings.

"I was really disappointed," she said, when asked why Poland's post-match press conference in Israel had been so spectacularly brief.

"I didn't really expect something like this to happen on the tour, especially when a lot of teams were there and a lot of top players, and, yeah, a couple of things happened.

"You know, it's always sad and always unfair, as well. I think it's not a responsible way to behave," she said.

Last year Radwanska caused a stir at the Qatar Open by complaining about world number one Victoria Azarenka's on-court behaviour.

This time though, in the context of reports that sections of the Israeli crowd made noisy allegations about anti-Semitism in Poland, Radwanska's remarks had a far more sombre tinge."

It didn't mention any anti-Catholic slurs being uttered by the crowd (although presumably it could have come from a relatively small number), but mentioned them making "noisy allegations about anti-Semitism in Poland". That clearly has no place in a tennis match, although I wouldn't consider that so hateful. Also, in fairness to the crowd, after reading the YouTube comments those allegations don't seem entirely baseless.

If there were indeed anti-Catholic slurs hurled at the Poles, then that would be quite awful and justify stricter penalties being taken against the Israeli tennis organizers. If they can't control their fans and this were to repeat itself at future events, then I think they could be justified in taking away Israel's right to host them or at least forcing them to play their home ties in front of empty stadiums.
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