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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
There were anti-Catholic slurs from the crowd, according to reports quoted on another thread, so their reaction to religious hatred was quite understandable.
Were there actual, objective 3rd-party links asserting that? I mean, more than just the blatantly anti-semitic OP's assertions? And precisely how many members of the crowd were involved? I'm turning up blanks in Google other than the link I posted, so I'm genuinely interested in verifying this.

Edit: I just found this in another tennis forum:

Especially interesting is a quote from one of the Polish posters:

"Please come on, isn't a reliable source. Right-wing and Father Rydzyk media are openly anti-semitic and now Niezalezna is creating an international scandal and asking goverment reaction. I just can't. They have no source now they are make up some things like deleted YT videos with racist comments. All they have is: Według relacji internautów, którzy oglądali mecz, polskie tenisistki były lżone przez siedzących na trybunach kibiców. Meaning - "According to report of internet fans who watched a match, Polish players were offended by crowd in the stands." Like seriously?

Other Polish users - stop posting this crap and get serious.

Only thing I can believe in that happend is that there were some people that could scream "one more" after DF, or during a rally, between serves or sth like that. Nothing racist, only some unproper things tennis-wise, tennis etiquette. 2yrs ago Agnieszka and Klaudia Jans had nice, friendly press conference when they kindly explained that it's bothering for tennis players and ask to cheer for your team only. Maybe this time Aga just got ****ed because it happend again. That's it. Not in the world I would be reading more into this.

Such thing should never spice up relations between Polish and Israeli, they are far from perfect already so it's better not overreact and create drama out of nothing."

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