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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
I was going to say something like this. The Top of DIII has very good players, a high level of play. But, the overlap with DI is not THAT big. As has been said, Top 100 D1 teams aren't going to lose to any DIII team, including the national champion. But, as you go down the list and get into the 150 and 200 range for DI, matches could start to be competitive with the very top DIII teams, and eventually there would be weak DI teams that the top DIII teams would beat. Not many, but they do exist.

Why is the OP offended?

Check out one of my latter two posts where I posted a link to the thread inquiring about UW-La Crosse tennis. UW Green Bay tennis, where I played, is specifically attacked in there multiple times. That's where the chip on my shoulder comes from.
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