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Originally Posted by Coach Carter View Post
swanpm20 -- I appreciate that last long post you had. You have some good things to say. The thing that still needs to be mentioned that I think many young players (and their parents) miss out were obviously quite a talented player to have received that scholarship offer to that mid-major. Many of the jr players that you also deal with in recruiting are uneducated on the process still (less than before)...they believe they are going to get this phantom last minute scholarship offer call from the coach from Texas, Georgia, USC or fill in the blank. They want to believe that they are the player that will GO BIG. swan you had something to your game and your academic background that allowed a coach/school to invest in you. I agree with some of Dr. Frank's thoughts and just want to all depends on the school and more, the coach at the school. If the program is important and is being "invested in" by the coach and school then it'll be worth being a part of. A fun but serious tennis environment, with a smart schedule that allows for success quickly is definitely cultivates an attitude of winning...breeds more winning and draws more winners to your program...the tennis circle of life!

You hit the nail on the head Coach Carter (great movie by the way) when you say that the problem is that so many kids think they can play for the big program. Lack of education and lack of realistic thinking while in high school is a big thing that causes a lot of kids to have negative college tennis experiences.
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