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Been using a Lobster Grand V LE for abt 2 years. My comments:

Useful features:
Remote: a must-have! Nowadays most models come with a remote anyway.

Horizontal oscillation: useful for training footworks, hitting while running, etc.

Two-line: useful when training forehand-backhand alternating shots. I really like this feature for warming up. I set the machine one two-line, narrow width, and just warm up both my forehand and backhand. Works really well for warming up volleys as well. No need to change the setting, just come up to the net and start volleying.

Less useful features:
Random oscillation: I find normal oscillation is more than sufficient. Plus random oscillation sometimes gets too extreme, throwing impossible-to-reach balls.

Vertical oscillation/depth: don't get used as much as horizontal oscillation. Others might find this feature useful though.

Programmed drills and customized programs: never liked the pre-programmed drills and the custom programs takes too long to set-up. Better to just find a partner and play sets...

Bottom line:
I kinda regret getting the Grand V LE, an Elite 3 or Grand IV would have been sufficient. Get the Elite 3 if you don't mind the simplistic remote and back panel. The Grand IV has a much better remote and the back panel is digital with LCD.

For a cheaper alternative, I like the Silent Partner Quest. It's really similar to the Grand IV yet it's much cheaper. No personal experience with the Silent Partner, cannot vouch for its reliability.
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