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Hello TT readers,

A long while back I posted my thoughts about this frame when our club had a demo night and I had a chance to playtest this stick. In my initial write up I was very impressed and after receiving my two 99S's I still feel the same way. I am a teaching pro in wisconsin and I have a contract with wilson to endorse their products, so you may want to keep that in mind when reading my posts.

Regardless of that disclaimer, I am still impressed with this frame. I played a few drop feed games today with a guy who used to play a little bit on tour (ranked in the 500's) but now is around 55-60 years old (still a sweet ball striker). I usually split the games with him, but today I had his number. He likes to come to the net as he is old school and I was creating some cool angles that I just could not do with other racquets. The best attribute that I found with this frame is the ability to get the ball out of peoples strike zone. In my drop feed games today I felt like he was having to work harder to attack me, and I felt much more comfortable rallying. He usually is pushing me back with flat, heavy groundstrokes, but not today.

I did not notice the high launch angle that everyone is talking about, but I sure do agree about the softness that I feel when hitting; it feels less harsh than my 95. I strung my stick up with Pro's Pro Concept 1.38 at 56 lbs but I will be going up a little in tension as it feels a little bit wild. I will be adding a little lead to the hoop and about 20 grams in the handle via tungsten putty so a higher tension will be needed.

Hope this is an enjoyable read!
USPTA P2, Wilson
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