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Originally Posted by esgee48 View Post
What's preventing you from telling these Jrs that their racquets need grommets etc. OTW, they risk string damage from rubbing against the frame etc. Or if the frame is really trashed, just say that there is no guarantee on the work or the frame. And no 'money back, etc.' It would be their call as to what to do, but at least they would know what may happen. I do this all the time when I receive a racquet from adults that are 'barely hanging on.' In some cases, I refuse to string it because the racquet WILL break on the stringing machine. Just 2 cents.
thanks for your input.

in my experience the younger kids actually listen more than the adults. but they care less. its a weird dynamic. i dont even really tell them, usually if i can i jsut do it then tell them later and they are like "oh cool man'. but this is a broad generalization. some kids act as if its cool to trash the frame, others do it more unknowingly. honestly i cant tell half the time myself

now the adults are funny. the guy i mentioned insisted i string his racket even though the graphite is worn to the point of seeing inside the frame, and i told him it was going to break any second. he said i was being a smartazz.
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