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That Powersonic 35AH battery weighs 25 lbs. Typical car batteries weigh 40-50 lbs depending on the group size.

The "standard" batteries used by SP and Lobster Elite are 18-20AH and weigh around 13 lbs. The SP Lite/Lite-R come with a smaller 7-8AH battery that weighs around 6 lbs (and I believe you can upgrade the Lite/Lite-R with the larger 18-20AH battery).

I think folks who have their own court or nearby court can wheel around a 50-60lb ball machine. For people like me who have to drive to a court, portability/weight is more of a consideration. I ended up building a ramp using two 6'x10"x1" wood boards so I can easily roll any SP or Lobster Elite sized machine into the back of my wagon.

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