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So today was a bit funny. Started off like opposite day when we started warming up. I couldn't hit a forehand over the net. Dunno what the deal with that was, but the funny bit was that I was making practically all of my 1hbh's. Hence why I called it opposite day. Once we started warming up with rallying though things got better and I made all the balls I should be making.

Net play was solid for the most part. Biggest problem today though was my backhand volley. Was making clean contact with ball but they were just popping up on me. Teaching pro said I was hitting them a little to close instead of out in front. Will try to keep in it mind for tomorrow when I'm at net.

I'm also always trying to keep my feet moving during the warmups and everything else as well. I know good footwork is a big key to moving around easily but also to hitting a solid shot. Also had no incidents with lack of traction on the shoes. I was a bit worried after last week's slight ankle scare but everything's cool. I was using tonight as a gauge to see if I should switch to my newer shoes or not. Think my breath 2k10's still have a bit more life in them though
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