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lets start counting from this week.. his return.. Lets number the things so that we will have a final count in the end..

I will start..

1. His knees are "Still paining" and do not have the "energy" (so who's fault is it?? definitely not his.. oh yeah.. it is the ATP's fault.. next point)

2. ATP does not care about players... football is not played on hard courts.. there should be no hard courts

3. The 25 second rule will harm tennis audience.. (professional opinion on everything)

4. Brazil open does not care for player's health.. extrapolating to ATP does not care again for players.. ( but still he is going to play that very 250 tournament in the middle of nowhere)

Feel free to extend the list from here...
'There are always arguments as to who is the greatest player in other sports.. In Tennis there is none'
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