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Originally Posted by IdrinkYourMilkshake View Post
It's a standard 12v automotive relay, 2 of the them, something like this.

In this picture you can see them in the lower right. The way it's wired is, start at the big rocker power switch on the panel, it controls two circuits when switched and just run wires off those connections. I made a wiring harness of sorts with plugs so it could be removed and put back to factory specs. The relays just do exactly what that big rocker switch does and the switch on the panel still works too.
Looks like TT didn't like that relay link but I figured out it was pointing to the bay and fixed the link ... they were 12VDC 30A Tyco 5-pin automotive SPDT relays, part number V23234-A1001-X036.

Great photo. I can see the relays on the right and the remote board on the left plus your orange wires.

Can you tell me what happens when the big rocker is flipped on and what the silver toggle switch does when it's flipped on? I'm trying to figure out how you get your 4 functions:

Motors on/off, Ball Feed on/off, Oscillate on/off, One-shot ball feed

I'm guessing turning on the big rocker causes motors to go on and ball feed to go on (the two circuits you mentioned?). If yes, did you wire the remote relays in series or in parallel with the rocker? In other words, does the rocker need to be turned on for the remote to work (series connection) or can the remote and rocker work independent of each other (parallel connection).

Similar question for Oscillate ... did you wire the remote's relay in series or in parallel with the Sweep toggle switch? In other words, for the remote to control oscillate, does the Sweep toggle switch also need to be flipped on?
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