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Trying to figure out when I joined. About June last year.

We went to Big 5, I bought the most rediculous cheap racquets, thought we could hit some balls. My son had no sport. Even though he's like me in almost every way he had no sport.

So with these cheap racquets, we hit, and of course he hit it out, net, no clue.

I wanted to serve, FIRST JUMP I torn my plantaris muscle.

Thing is he LOVED IT. We didn't just play once in awhile, but he wanted to play all the time, so I obliged.

I taught him what I knew, serve and volley, flat shots. Nothing magical with him, no prodigy here, but he had one shot, still does, it looks like a full swing, but it stops and flattens out barely over the net, no man can get it, that was cool.

After the Summer, they had a Tennis Team try outs, not really try outs, they accept everyone. Yet there were 25 kids to my surprise, Mick BARELY made varsity in 6th grade, JH is now 6th-8th.

He played doubles, first game was CLOSE, then after that they lost like crazy. Coach was horrible, couldn't figure out basic things we see online or that I know.

But Mick finally managed to play singles, out of two players. Yet he lost, bad.

Next was USTA, got him ready, got creamed, well basically 6-3, 6-3. He was sad but I explained he must lose to learn how to win.
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