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Winter hits. Thought we would join some indoor club, but it'sa $30 for one hour. Heh we practice for 6 hours, or 2 one day, then 4 the next, one hour is a waste of time.

So drought.

On good days, remember this is WA, we'd play, wet courts. Sometimes we just played in the rain, because he wanted to play Tennis.

During the AO, he was totally into it, as he's a Fed fan.

I'd get very frustrated, because although he got much better, I mean when he's on he runs me around. But most of the time he's lazy, can't teach a lazy person.

We started drills. I asked him, "If you want to do this, I have a long list of training for you, but not if you won't move".

So we have done drills, two hours of me hitting to his forehand to drive it down my BH line, then two hours the other way, then cross court.

He has the ability, the only thing, which is the main thing is his lack of moving. He's tall, strong legs, but lazy.

This can be expected at his age, I don't want to push him, but want him to push him, when that happens he'll be top guy up here in our area, he has the heart, skills, but without movement it's all in vain.
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