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Originally Posted by dannythomas View Post
You are too sharp PT.
make up your mind

Originally Posted by dannythomas View Post
Thats another highly intelligent comment . So what if you gave advice about using the PD racket 2 years ago and we went in a different direction ?
Your sarcastic comment about hit the courts is borne out of ignorance as to what medical advice and treatment she has been receiving . Unfortunately much as you see yourself as the purveyor of all wisdom I prefer to stick with the advice of the medical experts she has been seeing. Even if it is different from someone who has never seen the injury.
not as high as you coming in here disguising her as a younger boy. Do you really think that we are that unintelligent LOL!!!!! DT you do not know what you want that is your problem, you will take her to a dozen different doctors and get a dozen different responses, try dozen different sticks and dozen different string combo, several MRI, accupuncture, $400 per hour coaches that can not make your girl move her feet etc,,,,,,, We gave you more than a dozen different solutions and came to the conclusion, Either rest her for a long period or HIT THE COURT !!!!!!! It seems you do not want to rest her, she has been cleared by her doctors that you trust, heck she even said she was fine, SO THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER LEFT. stop going around in circles and circles, geeze

I see,,,,,,,,,,,, I told you two years ago to go with PD and you went AERO ALA NADAL and now you are regretting it with wrist injury, see i was right, there, happy !!!!!! I can not believe you think like this.

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