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Originally Posted by sbengte View Post
There must be a Hall of Fame thread where poasts like this one and 'Cincy- the real slam' should be added and preserved for posterity. It will serve as a guide for future generations of TTW trolls.
Here's a suggestion for wiser, longer-tenured poasters than myself, who have greater knowledge of TTW lore. How about a poll to ask the TTW community to nominate, from among 5 or so options, the GFTOAT (greatest fail thread of all time)?

The above poast and cincy would certainly be candidates, as noted by Sbengte. As would, I imagine, the poast about Rafa having an unbeaten streak of 42 to start 2013.

I would do it myself except I've only been lurking around the boards since mid-2011. If someone does get around to it, a shout-out for the idea would be nice. (Only if you feel like it though!)


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