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Originally Posted by dgoldman View Post
My experience.
I strung it up with my favorite poly black code 17 @55lbs. Felt good first day but within 6 hours of playing the strings had to be moved back into position...this is a nono for poly and meant the string were dead. An hour later they broke an I have never broken a poly string before in my life. Normally I used a technifibre vo325max.

Second string I used was ALU big banger 16L. Measured the tenion after stringing: 57#. After first 2 hours went to 52#, second 2 hours: 47#, third 2 hours it is now at 43 # with noticeable notching.
6 hours before the strings didnt move back.....Thats actually very good, IMO. Any strings Ive used thus far in the Steam wont move back long before 6 hours, unless I use the hand lotion. Lotion also reduces notching as well, but its still always going to be an issue with this string pattern. However, thats a sign the mains are moving as they are supposed to.
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