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Default Toss position

Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
LeedD and others here have it right. The ball is usually tossed a bit forward (into the court) and either directly in front of the body (front = toward the net) or somewhat to the left side (for a righty server). However, as with other topspin serves, the server moves/leans so that they are more-or-less directly under the ball at contact. (Tho' it might still be slightly to the left at contact).
Agreed. Reminds me of a match I watched at the (last) national 40's clay court tournament held here (we traded it for the 55's). One of the very best players - who happens to be from LeeD's part of the world - had the second serve yips. My diagnosis was that he was putting the toss in the right spot, but *wasn't* jumping "under" it. It was painful to watch.
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