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By the way Pro Tour this is not really the correct thread to raise this but since we are in dialogue I also want to mention that I agree absolutely with1 of your threads that Babolat running a marketing campaign portraying tennis racquets hld by its stars as guns and rifles was inappropriate especially in view of the tragic events in Connecticut. The tread ended up being closed for being too political which was unfortunate.
I don't know if you share my concerns that not only is security in many schools too lax and there is complacency that these things can never happen to their school but at junior tennis tournaments there is virtually no security or even guidelines on these issues. often I see parents of young kids being dropped off at 8 am at a tournament and left there all day with no supervision. Kids are often spoken too by other adults they do not know and in a large event with a lot of people who knows if they are parents or something else ?
Of course we pray that nothing bad ever happens at a tennis event but it took the attack on Monica Seles to Get protection for even pro players. Junior players actually need it more.
Or maybe I'm the only one who has these concerns ?
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