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Default The Doping Thread

Let's have a semi mature discussion about doping. We all know guys are doing it.

This is probably going to be remebered as the doping era in all sports, not just tennis. It's so easy to go undetected and cheat, as we've seen already.

Let's start with these two articles to ponder.

And I ask, why as fans can't we name names? Of course we can. Why does there have to be a positive test to indict someone, when so many have been shown to cheat and admitted it without one?

I have my own suspicions about some top players, and it's borderline irresponsible for us as fans not to. Without naming names, I say that half of the top 20 players in the world now are doping. Again, I have no proof, just my own suspicions and the BS detector being too damn high. Is it wrong to convict guys without proof? Maybe. But I think its time for us as fans to stop holding back and face the fact that tennis is just as dirty as every other sport seems to be today.
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