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Default A question about insoles..

Hey Babolat Official,

First, thanks for all of the questions you have been answering so far.

I've got a question about how to get extra/replacement insoles for the ProPulse 3's. I tend to wear through the insoles, getting a hole in them around the balls of my feet, before the Outsole wears out, which results in several weeks of having to deal with a hole inside my shoe before the shoe wears enough to be sent in for the warranty, or purchasing my next set.

I've talked to my local tennis shop, but he said there wasn't anything he could do. Is there any way of ordering extra insoles for the shoes? I would like to not have to purchase an aftermarket insole that may not fit as well.

Also, while I've got your attention, will the ProPulse 4's have an increased durability in the outsole, or will it be about the same?

Thanks so much!
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