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Originally Posted by ttwarrior1 View Post
if the closest stringer to me is 45 min away ,i assume i shouldn't get this racket? if i did what strings would you get to not restring for a season.

ps: use a warrior racket and haven't restrung in 7 years , no idea what the strings are but they don't move ever, came from here
Unless you hit really soft, I don't think you are going to find a string that works with this racquet the way they are supposed to and that will last you all season. Most of us (and I am not a big hitter.... lot of spin, but not a ball crusher) are just trying to find a good string that will last 10-12 HOURS of play!

You could try kevlar, but the nature/design of the racquet is to get the strings to slide/move on contact with the ball- then snap back into place. This WILL cause notching, but you have to be swinging hard enough to get the strings to move. If you aren't, then this racquet really isn't what you should be using. And since you haven't restrung in 7 years... and would only want to string once a season... this probably isn't the best stick for you IMO.
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