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Originally Posted by dannythomas View Post
Let me try to answer without falling into a war of words with you.

First the reason for having an on line " alias " is to have some element of confidentaility otherwise everyone would just sign in under their own name. When it comes to children , especially that confidentiality needs protection. Of course tennis is a small world and many may nevertheless know who you are or who I am. If I did I wouldn't broadcast it to everyone on here. Talking about a child it is possible to be over protective and that is probably what I did here by talking of an 11 year old boy. It didn't really affect the essence of the advice I was looking for.

The injury was not caused by the choice of racquet. I already know how the injury occurred because I was there and saw what happened. Having said that I was asking for some advice as to wrist friendly racquets and strings. It was not caused by not using the Pro Drive and using the Aero Pro instead. In fact at the time of the injury she was using the pro staff. That wasn't what caused it either.

I make no apologies for doing the best I can for my daughter both in terms of medical care and coaching. And indeed in choice of technology. Whatever coaches a child uses there is always something they need to improve whether that is forehand, serve or footwork. It doesn't mean the coach is not doing their job, or that the child is a poor player. Improvement comes gradually not overnight which you know as a coach.

If you say your comment that " no time to rest, hit the courts " etc was not being sarcastic then so be it.

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it. And I'm not being sarcastic.
No problem, we are here for each other, let us know how she does,,,,,,,, and do not post alias,,,,,,,,,, we are one big crazy family, we have to stick to each other.
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