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Originally Posted by batz View Post
So? Who's to say he doesn't use PEDs to achieve this?

My opinion is that it's all a load of old bollox as you can be the fittest guy in the world and still be ***** at tennis, which is, first and foremost, a game of skill.

I don't believe any of the top guys are doping. I'm sure it happens - but not at that level.
Well of course, but when you have skills then being the fittest in the world makes a huge amount of difference. Not saying that Murray is not a doper and Berdych is, but there is a huge difference in the effort they put in hitting the ball. In most of Murray's long matches you can see when he gets tired, the pace and power of his shots drop. Berdych on the other hand has superior technique to Murray and can still blast winners tired or not. Make Murray even fitter and he it makes a difference.

If Murray was as fit as Nadal/Djokovic then perhaps he would have won the Australian Open final.

All top 100 tennis players are immensely skilled. The same with most sportsmen really.
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