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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
what?! i think you're projecting with the identity politics thing... he has always seemed comfortable in his skin (no pun intended) and one of the more genuine players on tour.

His appeal for fans:
he has/had a great game and still is fun to watch as he plays a modified version of aggressive 90s baseline attacking tennis. he is still the most entertaining American tennis player to watch currently on tour.

equally importantly, the guy loves tennis and it shows. he has that joy that many top french players have for the game. you know, the guys who smile during the match! i would love to see him play as long as it brings him joy to compete. watching highlights of him playing qualifiers during the last aussie open and his interviews were more interesting than most of the matches in the first two rounds.

Hewitt is still on the tour way past his prime, but his matches are good to watch. his tennis style also contrasts with most of the current players, which ends up giving us fund rallies and matches.
Hewitt's tennis style is baseline grinding. Modern tennis is baseline grinding. So how is Hewitt's game different from the modern game?
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