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Was it Sampras or Tim Henman that Agassi could read intended serve direction by the position/direction of the tip of his tongue? This would certainly be ironic if it was Pistol Pete that had this "tell".

Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
He had a great serve, sure, but it was not the best serve (not even in his own era).

Ivanisevic, Becker, Stich, Krajicek, Arthurs and some others from his time had better serves (in terms of nº of aces+unreturned divided by nº of points)
Sampras was said to have one of the heaviest serves of all time. His serve had a great deal of linear momentum/kinetic energy but also has a great deal of rotational momentum/kinetic energy due to massive amount of spin. He often exceeded 3000 rpm on his first serve (which is what many servers had on their much slower 2nd serve). His 2nd serve would sometimes exceed 5000 rpm.

His disguise and placement were also quite excellent. But then this thread is really only about disguise.
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