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Originally Posted by kimguroo View Post
I have same problems. every 4.3 airmax were cracked but I also worn out outsole. I think the reason for the cracking problem is almost no rubber at heel area.

Mind was sent last week and it took just one day to approve the claim.
it's 6 month warranty not manufacture defect claim.

I did not have any cracking issues for 1.3-3.3 even though outsole was worn out at heel areas but this problems started to develop as soon as midsole is started to show for 4.3. basically 4.3 have one to two week shorter life than 1.3-3.3 CB because of this cracking issues.
midsole is already exposed from bottom and side of heel area.

I have the exact same problem. Shame Nike UK dont do this and I most probably have to spend another 120 on a NEW pair of shoes that are only 3 months old..
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