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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
You wanna bet?
Why not.

Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
lol and your comment is well played as well.

I'm guessing its in response to the ****s who claimed that Nadal was being sneaky/clever for asking the release of names from the fuentes case.
Nah I don't really care about that ****-**** flame war.
It wasn't a reaction to anyone. And no I am not accusing Fed of PED usage or any other stuff.
I just like to poke those ***** a bit, watching their reaction.

Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
Sneaky Sex will be playing in 2016 and will be tested at the Oly. Sneaky hopes Noel and Ralph will retire by then.
Honestly I don't want Sexy to play another 2,3 or 4 years. 2014 should be his last years IMO.
The last thing I want to see, is watching one of the greatest players this sport has ever seen, floating in the Top50 range of the rankings.
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