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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Do I want a Ball Lock or Pin Lock?

Ball Lock vs. Pin Lock —
Couple of things: The Quick Disconnects are different — Ball Lock disconnects use a steel ball that tightly secures it to the post. Pin Lock disconnects use a pin locking system to secure to the posts. Height — Ball Lock kegs are 25" tall and Pin Locks kegs are 22"… a little shorter and fatter version of the keg. And NO that's not why more people like Ball Lock kegs…it's because they have a 'pressure relief valve' built in — now don't you wish you could install those into you—know who? Both types hold 5 gallons. Pressure Relief Valve — True Ball Lock kegs have pressure relief valves built into the lid, and Pin Lock kegs rarely do (maybe 1 out of 20). With Pin Lock kegs there are a few ways you can release the pressure including using a spare gas disconnect put onto the post and it's the same thing. Both great kegs!
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