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Newer LiFePO4 battery, those designed as a direct replacement can charge with SLA smart charger. Size of the battery should fall in the spec within a 12v 18/20ah. If they fall within the same capacity, they should have the same usage time. No? For long run, LiFePO4 seem to hold it max charge better which eventually will outperform SLA. Since LiFePO4 do not sulphate like SLA, these battery do not need to tinker charging all the time. Just top up once a week or before court time should be good enough to maintain the life span. Unless you want to reduce the battery weight, it seem like SLA is still more economical at this time. I wanted to reduce my machine weight and had been researching on LiFePO4 but the cost about $270 seem too much compared to SLA $65.
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