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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
By the way BB...enough with the weight gain and lifting, thats not his issue. He hits fine, he is strong enough.

His issues I told you from the scouts are he lacks tactics, strategy, and anticipation. Thats not going to come from his fitness training.
I would agree with you on the second part strategy but that is being gained Every-time he steps on the court , this is something I said we would be lacking cause of lack of chasing points , these other kids out there from all there tournaments which has usually in some cases has doubled our schedule will have this advantage but like anything I am sure now that he is more mature these things will be learned quickly and we are way ahead physically .

I believe his play at the OB was strategy wise was horrible but he could still mow through some of the best kids from around the globe because we have focused on the more important part .

Try this with your daughter get a weight vest and have her do her same workout if its 1 hr or 2 don't take it off the whole time add just 6 lbs see how she holds up through the whole workout also if you can find some shoes that add 2 inches to her height once again make her play the whole time and tell me how she does .Then you will have and idea of what we go through but we still put wins up !!!
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