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andfor.....never said anything about Boluda besides that I saw him play years ago and he was very good back then. Never predicted a thing for him. Have no idea where BB even got that.

If anyone is "moving the bar" its you and BB. You guys keep lowering it or just changing its meaning. It went from "next Nadal" "I know how to raise a #1 pro player" to "will be #1 ranked 18 in a year" to "will win the Zoo at age 16" to "juniors don't matter" "will make our move at age 17" to "futures are not a good indicator" to "going to take some time then make our move".
since I don't delete post can you go pull up where I said we would win Zoo at 16 , yes we were there to win but please pull this up , or that he would be the no.1 player although that is our goal why would you aim for anything less ,as for making our move it has started and he is 16 we are starting to venture into the futures and up but please bring up these quotes you say I have made .

we know you said these crazy good Europeans would crush us if they ever played us but it was quite the opposite my kid didnt walk off the court crying at the OB and when he lost he was made to go run a mile
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