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I didn't read the article yet..

It depends on a lot of things, including what kind of playing style you are going for. You can't really be a serve and volley/net rusher type if you have average everything and no strength there, and you can't be a good retriever if you can only do 1 or 2 things well but have poor consistency overall.

I used to compete and I always tried to practice getting everything solid with no particular standout stroke. A few years ago I pick up tennis again after a 9yr break and started from scratch, I praticed the same way trying to close up my weakness but had a hard time doing much damage in doubles (which was all I was playing 99% of the time), I recieved a ton of attacks on my weaker BH side as well. One day I switched my forehand and because it was so new and needed so much work, I started spending hours of practice time on it, hitting targets, footwork/positioning, and run around forehands high and low from all areas of the of the baseline. In trying to bring the FH up to speed quickly, I over compensated in practice and ended up with a much better FH than before. My backhand went ignored and down the dumps but I started consistently beating solid players I used to lose to all the time. With a strength, (usually the FH) you will be able to direct and set up points, attack your opponents weaknesses, put them on defense, force more errors, control the point, diminish their opportunity to set up or attack, and stay more consistent running around and hitting your stronger shot, especially at the rec level where you have plenty of opportunity to run around balls.
With solid strokes all around and no strength, you have less weaknesses to exploit but you will be at the mercy of your opponents ability and face more shots to your weakness, you'll have a harder time staying in control of the point and finishing it.

Recently making a switch in backhands, I had been relying almost entirely on slice on my BH side, but I was still able to win the vast majority of games I played - and they didn't have many opportunities to attack the BH.
I'm not sure why my old coaches never worked on developing a stronger side but I'm glad I went this route.

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