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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
So it done not have anything to do with seal of the opening, but how pressure is connected to the keg?

I'm thinking of getting this one:

I'll also need the right connector as well and the hose.
Check out the photos in post #87. That hose with the white-colored nylon disconnect on one end has the brass tire valve on the other end (even though that isn't shown in the last two photos).

To add pressure, first close the lid. Then push the disconnect onto the post labelled "IN". The valve in the post will now open. Now you have a path to get air into the keg. Attach an air pump to the brass end and start pumping in air. You can remove your pump and attach a tire gauge to see if the pressure's at the level you want. When the pressure level is where you want it, just pull the disconnect off the post and the valve in the post will close. That's all there is to it.

The post labelled "OUT" doesn't need to be used or connected to anything.

Places that sell used kegs will also sell parts like the white disconnect you need. You can buy the hose from a hardware store and the brass tire valve from an auto parts store. Most 1/4" vinyl hoses will handle up to 50psi so you don't need to get the heavy duty hose show in post #87. The standard hose will be easier to use.

To remove pressure ... the previous post was correct. Most ball lock kegs come with a pressure relief valve on top of the lid. So just flip a lever or pull a ring and pressure will be released. For pin lock kegs without a pressure relief lid, you can either use a screwdriver blade to press down on the "IN" post to open the valve, or you can use a spare disconnect and put it on the post.

So you have a tradeoff ... the ball lock keg with pressure relief valve lid is more convenient to use when releasing pressure, but it's one more valve to worry about going bad. Your choice.

There are tons of people selling used kegs on the internet (just google "corny keg"). I suggest finding one near you because the shipping costs can sometimes be high.
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