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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
So far, so good. After 9 sets and no hitting, the string is visibly notched and I expect it to break next match or hit. I guess I'm just not that good a player, while I do see more wear and tear on the strings, I'm not busting them in an hour.

The two I have are 1 gram apart.
Cool to hear. Will definitely give this a try. I realized I have some of this string I was given last year to demo, and never got around to it. Thanks for the heads up.

Originally Posted by dode View Post
I think that Wilson is using the silicone as a balancing tool. Both of mine were very close in spec stock (within half a gram), but they had differing amounts of silicone in the handle. In face, one of them only had silicone in one side of the handle.

This wouldn't suprise me if they did this. Lots of times companies add something to the handle to get it within tolerance levels (balance, weight, etc).

Originally Posted by dmcb101 View Post
Hello TT readers,

A long while back I posted my thoughts about this frame when our club had a demo night and I had a chance to playtest this stick. In my initial write up I was very impressed and after receiving my two 99S's I still feel the same way. I am a teaching pro in wisconsin and I have a contract with wilson to endorse their products, so you may want to keep that in mind when reading my posts.

Regardless of that disclaimer, I am still impressed with this frame. I played a few drop feed games today with a guy who used to play a little bit on tour (ranked in the 500's) but now is around 55-60 years old (still a sweet ball striker). I usually split the games with him, but today I had his number. He likes to come to the net as he is old school and I was creating some cool angles that I just could not do with other racquets. The best attribute that I found with this frame is the ability to get the ball out of peoples strike zone. In my drop feed games today I felt like he was having to work harder to attack me, and I felt much more comfortable rallying. He usually is pushing me back with flat, heavy groundstrokes, but not today.

I did not notice the high launch angle that everyone is talking about, but I sure do agree about the softness that I feel when hitting; it feels less harsh than my 95. I strung my stick up with Pro's Pro Concept 1.38 at 56 lbs but I will be going up a little in tension as it feels a little bit wild. I will be adding a little lead to the hoop and about 20 grams in the handle via tungsten putty so a higher tension will be needed.

Hope this is an enjoyable read!
Thanks for the upfront honesty.

I'm curious if the guy you were hitting with mentioned anything to you, as far as your shots feeling different than before?
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