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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
While a strong shot is always a nice weapon to have, at any level above 4.0, if you have a weak side, whether it be inconsistent or slow, it will be attacked mercilessly in any real match.
Few of us have a strong serve AND a strong forehand.
A strong forehand by itself can easily be neutralized by hitting to your backhand, and then skidding low short or loopy high balls to your forehand.

Let's say you're a 4.5. I'd rather have a 5.5 forehand and a 3.5 backhand than 4.5 FH and BH.

The first option gives you way more tactical options. Also, it means you can shrink your side of the court. If you have a seriously scary forehand, you can shift over to your left and dare them to hit there. It puts a lot of pressure on them on the return as well because they're going to want to make sure they hit to the backhand. Not to mention you can play crafty with your backhand to try and force them to hit to your FH.
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