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The key is that the players must spend 50% of their practice time on learning all types of serves and then applying it in pointplay situations. In the coaching camps I observe that too much time is spent on ground strokes and very little on serve. We all know that a point does not start with a ground stroke, it starts with a serve.

The serve should be practiced in two segments:

1. Serving from the basket to various targets, (spin control, heights), etc., and

2. Pointplay situations, practice sets, etc.

For example, in pointplay situations the following discipline may be followed:

Playpoints or a set with the following rule:

If you win the point with a volley and/or a smash you win 4 points. If you win the point from the baseline you win just 1 point.

This will improve the other essential area such as approach shots because without quality approach shot you can't have a decent first volley.

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