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Default Gamma 2-point mounting arms slipping.

So the last time I went to string my racket I noticed the mounting arms were too small for my frame, but the last racket I strung was the same racket.

I always tighten the 2 allen nuts as tight as I can with the provided tool. I decided to move the arms and look at the metal bar (where the allen nuts tighten down to and create friction). It is a little worn out there, I can see where they have been and looks like they do move a little, the shiny finish is coming off the spot they tighten to.

So I am concerned of course for the rackets safety, but am also wondering what I should do. I am thinking of angling the arms inward before I tighten the nuts so the arms will be resting on the bar and taking a lot of force off the allen nuts.

A second question, the manual says to always have the plastic piece that slides on top of the arms touching the frame to avoid damaging the racket. I find it pretty hard to make it touch, without it also wanting to push the racket upwards. I have never strung without it touching, but it seems if I can get it so the piece still moves, but is BARELY touching, then I never have to re-tighten to mounting nuts on top. If the piece touches the frame too much I find the nuts become loose as I string, IDK if its from the frame "sinking" into the rubber more, or what. So I am asking what the consensus of opinion is on adjusting these is, takes me far too long in my opinion to get the arms in the perfect spot.

Thanks to you all in advance.
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