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Default How many 4 & a Half hour matches have the Big 3 played?

I thought it'd make an interesting thread if we list and discuss the amount of matches the BIG THREE have played, not just against each other but against anyone that have gone for 4 and a Half hours plus~

I'll list the ones i know off the top of my head

Roger Frederoar
vs Marat Safin AO Semi 2005' 4:28 Hours CLOSE ENOUGH!
vs Nalbandian WTA Finals 2005' 4:33 Hours
vs Nadal Rome Final 2006' A few minutes over 5 hours
vs Nadal Wimbledon Final 2008' 4:48 Hours!

Rafael Nadal
vs Federer Rome Final 2006 *above*
vs Federer Wimbledon Final 2008 *above*
vs Verdasco AO Semi 2009' 5:10 minutes i believe
vs Djokovic AO Final 2012' 5:53 minutes

Novak Djokovic
vs Baghdatis Wimbledon Quarter Finals 2007' 5:00 Hours
vs Stepanek US Open Round 64 2007' 4:40 Hours
vs Murray AO Semi Final 2012' 4:53 Hours
vs Nadal AO Final 2012' 5:53 Hours
vs Murray US Open Final 2012' 4:54 Hours
vs Wawrinka AO 4th Round 2013' 5:03 Hours

Well it would seem like Fred has played only one match that has gone Beyond 5 hours, Nadal has played 3 and Djokovic also 3. What i've noticed is that more then half the 5 set matched Djokovic and Nadal play go well over 4 hours. But most of Feds 5 set matches are around 3 hours to ALMOST 4 hours max. Fed clearly doesn't waste much time in between points, and as we all know Nadal does and when he plays Djokovic, Djokovic tends to waste time as well.

Realistically none of Nadals matches on this list are infact the longest on this list, because he waste so much time pulling up his socks, adjusting his jocks
etc. I remember the Federer vs Safin AO 2005 match very well and they were so quick in between points, realistically that or Djokovic vs Wawrinka this year would be the longest matches on this list because watching them both live i felt hardly anytime between points was really wasted.

All up very similar stats, they all have around 4-5 matches that have gone over 4 and a half Hours, but i don't see Fed playing anymore matches going that length, but by the time Nadal and Djoker retire i see them having many more matches that go over 4 and a half hours.
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