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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
DD said, "Last year the first day was 40+, this year it's ~20. We're almost out of here for the day." Doesn't that mean THEY strung the rackets and not one person?
Not nessecerily. Without checking thru the rest of the thread, last year may have been only 1 person, but this year clearly more than 1 person. And at (lower level) tournaments, you probably won't string all the rqts you get in in 1 day at the beginning. In the last few weeks I did tourneys where the busiest days I had 38 & 40 rqt in respectively, but strung 33 & 31 rqts. Those rqts numbers were made up of rqts left from the previous day, and some new rqts in. There were some rqts left over to do the next day.

40 rqts in in 1 day and done between 3 people is an easy day. 40 in 1 day for 1 person is hard, and you're unlikely to get everything done especially if located onsite and there are building timing opening hours.

I'm sure DD will confirm anyway.


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