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Originally Posted by I Heart Thomas Muster View Post
I LOVE Documentaries.

My all time favorite is probably "Grizzly Man" about Timothy Treadwell. It's pretty fascinating watching him move further and further from sanity. The guy was completely self destructive and probably did more harm than good but it's still touching in a way how the bears gave him fulfillment. I can't recommend this enough and I love how Herzog never seems to judge. Just puts it out there for us to make our own opinion of Treadwell.

Growing up I was big time into skateboarding (still am) and Gator was one of the biggest names out there at the time. "Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator" really shows what rock stars these guys were when vert skating ruled and their swift decline when street skating took over. In the end Gator couldn't handle it and it is painful to watch. I have some friends from that era who are still pro skaters and one of them told me that could have been any of them. He said they were rich, all on drugs, all thought the world revolved around them and then it was taken from them.

The Christian Hosoi and Bones Brigade documentaries are excellent as well but they lack the emotional punch to the gut that the Gator documentary has.
THe are putting together a doco on the Pappas brothers from Australia, talk about self destruction. Went to school with Ben.
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