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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
Exactly what happened in your life that made you so bitter?

I would rather play a hooking player than you. At least all they are trying to do is to win a tennis match...
I don't know how you extrapolate that my standing up to a blatant cheater means I'm bitter or a bad person and that you prefer to play with cheaters then me--you have some weird stuff going on in your kielbsa yourself. Here's a situation from just yesterday's match. I hit a serve ace that hits two lines. The guy, you say you would love to play more then me, (and I granted you your wish), calls it out. I've played with him on numerous occasions at the club and knows he makes bad calls--always in his favor--NEVER giving any doubt to his opponents. I know this from having played with him and against him. His partner, who I know to be fair, overrules him saying he saw it hit the line. My partner agrees. His partner gives me two. The perp says nothing, no apology, no nothing. In his mind he thinks he's the big man on campus, he's a bully, and should get everything his way even if all three other people on the court saw things differently--that doesn't matter to him--he has no shame. How does that make me bitter and a bad person in your mind?

So I extrapolate, you are a moral relativist, your reaction would be "Just let go of it, maybe he had a bad child-hood, try to understand him." Sounds like a good rationalization to not step up to the plate and challenge the bully or the egomaniac--in other words be a coward.

And this guy is not even a blatant cheater like the OP was talking about-- just your run of the mill minor league everyday cheater. So once again I ask you, how does my having the balls to challenge a bad call mean that I'M the bad person in your eyes and you prefer to play with the cheater--or let's just say someone with less then good vision?

How old are you, just curious? Your name is game-BOY so I'm assuming you're a junior, just wondering what they're teaching in schools today?
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

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