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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
You've done it with nearly every tournament. I won't list them. So there, nanny nanny boo boo.

I'm not saying your position is wrong, and I'm not saying BB is right. It's just the same old argument for the last 4-5 years. And you make good points about college. We know your being realistic in your own way. But BB knows the risk reward model here. Lord knows you've beat it into him.

Like telling someone they won't win the lottery, you'll probably be right. Then again maybe BB has the lottery ticket. Let it play out. You can type your fingers off and it won't change anything.
Let it go man.

BTW. Tennis parents have nothing on Hockey parents. If there was a show Hockey parents would get produced first.
Totally agree with the "let it play out" comment. All the Monday morning quarterback bunk and crystal ball joo-joo that transpires here is so counter-productive.
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