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I watched a D1 match last Friday and the guy at #3 singles was very adept at hiding his BH. He is ranked top 100 in NCAA and runs around almost everything and pounds lefty forehands. He also had a huge lefty serve too which he used to setup the FH. His BH is good but not dominating like the FH. He was an expert at maximizing his strengths and you could see he was really frustrating his opponent. He won 6-1, 6-1.

He had excellent court coverage to allow him to camp in the BH side of the backcourt and leave more court open on the FH side. When his opponent hit wide to his FH he was excellent at running it down and frequently hitting an offensive shot on the run.

For old guy like me, leaving that much court open wouldn't work because I don't have the speed to cover the opening. But, it works for the young whipper snappers.

My philosophy is to practice all aspects of the game but work on a game plan that let's you maximize your weapons.

I read once that after Jim Courier had won a grand slam he was often seen practicing putting away short FHs. He knew his ability to use his FH as a weapon paid the mortgage and he worked on it.

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