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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Well, I'm a pure(ly) park player, or PPP, and a bona fide 3.0 . Never took one lesson ... ever. Yes, I know that's hard to believe for those of you who have seen my videos.

Anyway, to the point, my favorite shot combo against similarly challenged PPPs (although some have actually had lessons, they almost never practice) is to hit a deep looping topspin shot that bounces about head high followed by a deep looping flat or undercut shot that sort of dies after it hits the court. Messes them up every time I do this, but I have to take care to not overuse it lest they develop the ability to deal with it more effectively than they do.

Let's see, what else? Well I do a lot of your #2, while varying the length of the shot. That is, undercut sidespinny shots that barely clear the net and land somewhere beyond the service line near to the sideline. Those are fave go to shots in almost any situation. Hit a lot of short ones to the service box corners also.

And of course the drop volley, which is actually just a shanked volley. Mainly because it's pretty much the only kind of volley that I can hit. Very difficult for the opponent to anticipate because I'm actually trying to make solid contact with the ball.
I have seen video of you and you are a tennis player. You have enough skills to work the ball around with placement and different spins.

I think this thread can be reduced to this.

This is not addressed to you TomT because you can play. To others at the park: if you cannot play, the concept of hitting tricky junk at the parks is an illusion. You cannot play so rather than deceive yourself, you should learn to play. Take a lesson and learn to hit at least a basic topspin FH drive and at least a basic BH slice. Learn to put a little slice or dare a little topspin on your serve. Build a wee bit of consistency where you can do this successfully 80% of the time when not under pressure, then we can talk strategy. If you can not play, you sole strategy should be to poke it back to the weaker side and hope they miss.
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