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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Honestly, just start with a single jump and get that down. Once you can do that, get running in place down (single foot per turn). Once you can do both of those, watch some boxing videos for random things they do and try to copy them. That's exactly how I was taught way back when (at least to me, 9 years is a long time ).
This sounds simple but it is very good and true advice. I've managed to become comfortable w/ single jumps whereas previously I was double hopping between swings.

Someone was watching me and gave me a tip recently; they said I was jumping higher than I needed to clear the rope! So now I'm working on lowering the hop and notice that it's a lot less stress on the calves. Hopefully once I get this timing down I'll be able to start working one one foot jumproping and then jogging in place...

I also started jump roping hoping to improve my split steps; as I'm lowering my hops w/ the rope, I wonder if the split steps should be lower to the ground?
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